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Healthy Families. Healthy Community.

The March of Dimes ranks Uninsured and Underinsured women and infants in our service area amongst the highest in Texas for prenatal and neonatal complications. TOMAGWA is now here to help.

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Early Prenatal Care and Benefits

TOMAGWA's Healthy Families, Healthy Community initiative focuses on improving the health and safety of uninsured and underinsured women with limited access to prenatal care, placing moms at a high risk for preterm births, and the delivery of babies with low birth weight. Your dollars will support pre and post-natal care visits for moms, and infant and pediatric care visits for children. In addition, TOMAGWA will be able to provide educational, consultative, and technical support to families in collaboration with existing partners and community-based organizations.

Early prenatal care is aimed at decreasing complications during pregnancy and improving its outcomes.

Benefits of early and consistent prenatal care:

  • Lowers risk of low birth weight, premature birth, & neonatal death
  • Promotes mother's health
  • Spots complications early on
  • Ensures healthy weight gain
  • Offers counseling

Join us today as we expand our mission of providing compassionate Christian healthcare to moms and children with limited resources.